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How to Apply Brazilian Hair Protein on your hair – Full Guide

It is one of those days when your hair is just refusing to stay in place; it is all curled up, and each strand is flying in a different direction. It gets so hard to style your hair that dropping everything and staying home sounds like a very tempting idea, right!

This is when the variety of hair straightening treatments come in handy, the most common of which is the Brazilian hair Protein, aka, Keratin, due to its effectiveness and durability.

Brazilian hair protein, or Keratin, helps your hair to be smooth, soft, and easy-to-style through simple steps that only take a couple of hours, giving you satisfactory results that last for several months. Therefore, this treatment became the first go-to option for anyone struggling with styling their hair.

How to Apply the Brazilian Hair Protein

Before you go ahead and start using this product, we should note that it is highly preferable that an expert does the job for you. Why!

  • This product might not be suitable for your hair type; an expert knows how to avoid the risk of any negative effects on your hair.
  • This product might contain some substances that cause allergies or respiratory issues if you have asthma or any other respiratory problem. For instance, Formaldehyde is the most effective hair straightening and softening material, and it extends the product’s durability. However, the FDA has labeled it as poisonous.

Steps of Applying Brazilian Hair Protein

1- Properly Clean Your Hair

The very first step is to wash your hair with Keratin shampoo to ensure eliminating any oils or residues. If you have straight hair, it is enough to wash it twice. However, throw in another round of washing if you have curly hair. Note that you should NOT use hair conditioner afterward.

2- Distribution is Key

Blow-dry your hair after washing it, but not so much; a little bit of humidity helps your hair absorb the substance better.

Now, start applying the product on your hair, beginning with the ends and up to the root; ensure you leave a half-centimeter distance from your scalp.

3- It takes some time for the product to kick in

Generally, you should leave the product on for 30 minutes to an hour; gently brush your hair with a wide comb during this time.

The next step differs depending on your hair type; some experts prefer drying your hair with an iron or a blower before washing it to ensure better absorption and fixation of the product; they often do that when you have curly and hard-to-style hair. However, other experts prefer washing your hair when time is due before drying it. It would be best if you left it to the professionals; they know better.

4- Wash and Dry Your Hair

After your hair absorbs the whole thing, wash it properly to avoid dandruff, then blow-dry it entirely.

You are not done yet; divide your hair into threads and use an iron to fix the protein on them.

5- Now, Wait

For better results, wait for at least 48 hours before rewashing your hair for the product to penetrate your hair structure; during this time, avoid bending or binding your hair, or even wearing a hair clip, just leave it as it is.

6- Finally, Wash Your Hair

When time is due, you can wash your hair. It is preferable to use Keratin shampoo and conditioner to maintain the treatment for the longest time possible.

Post-Keratin Treatment Recommendations

  • Avoid washing your hair daily to maintain the results longer, as natural hair oils help Keratin stay longer. Therefore, it is adequate to wash your hair once every two or three days.
  • Chlorine in swimming pools gradually eliminates the products and even harms your hair, so it is better to wear a swimming cap or reduce your visits to the pool.
  • Use Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners as Sulfate gradually eliminates Keratin.
  • Set your hair iron on no less than 400 degrees and pass it many times on each flock to better fixate the product on your hair.
  • This product can leave your hair with an oily appearance before washing it for the first time. Therefore, avoid undergoing the treatment a day or two before a special occasion.

It is a relief to find a comfortable solution for hard-to-style hair; we get that. However, consult a doctor beforehand if you struggle with respiratory issues, and leave it to the professionals to apply the treatment to minimize any risk and ensure the treatment is suitable for your hair type.

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