Brazilian Hair Botox

Brazilian Hair Botox and How You Can Use It

When we talk about anti-wrinkle treatments, the first thing to come to mind is Botox, or Botulinum Toxin, which is the most widely spread method to eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin through muscle relaxing techniques. You might wonder about Brazilian hair Botox; what is it exactly, and how can you use it?

Every day there is something new in the aesthetic industry to fulfill your desires and deliver solutions for any issue you might encounter; Brazilian hair Botox has been a revolutionary advancement in the field of hairstyling and treatment.

Your hair, just like your skin, loses elasticity and health with age due to the constant damaging factors that result in essential element loss, leaving gaps in the hair structure, and in turn, its breakage and falling.

However, what if we fill in those gaps with a particular material to restore hair flexibility and elasticity! That was the idea behind Brazilian hair Botox.

Is Brazilian Hair Botox the Same as Skin Botox?

In a nutshell, it is NOT. In fact, it does not even contain Botulinum Toxin, aka, Botox. It is merely called Botox due to its function of filling in the gaps in hair structure, giving it volume and softness.

You can consider Brazilian hair Botox a moisturizing non-chemical substance that rebuilds and straightens your hair and treats your scalp.

How does it do all that?

Brazilian hair Botox fixes damaged hair fibers with a combination of highly concentrated hair health-related substances like Caviar Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, and Collagen, ensuring hair nourishment, moisturizing, and treatment after the first use.

It positively influences every thread of your hair from the roots down to the ends, nourishing and rebuilding it by filling in the damaged hair fiber gaps.

Additionally, Brazilian hair Botox contains Glycolic Acid and Citric Acid that are essential for your scalp’s health.

How to Apply Brazilian Hair Botox:

Now that we know how it works, let us get down to business; what is the correct way to apply it?

  • First, wash your hair thoroughly, preparing each thread for the treatment; it is preferable not to use a conditioner after shampooing your hair for better results.
  • If you have healthy, strong hair, blow-dry it entirely. However, keep some of the humidity if you have damaged or chemically pre-treated hair.
  • You can now start applying the product to your hair, beginning with the roots and down to the ends. Ensure leaving some distance away from the scalp.
  • Leave it on for 20 – 90 minutes, depending on the product type.
  • According to how healthy your hair is, stylists either wash it before straightening it with an iron or immediately use it to fixate the substance on your hair better.

Who Can Undergo Brazilian Hair Botox Treatment?

This method is your go-to option if you:

  • Have split hair ends.
  • Lack hair volume and density.
  • Have damaged hair.
  • Have curly hair.
  • Prefer non-chemical hair straightening methods.

The Golden Question; Is Brazilian Hair Botox Safe?

Since this product does not contain the chemical substances found in other hair treatments, like Formaldehyde, we can say that it is safe for all hair types. Nevertheless, there is a low risk of irritation or allergy, just like any other treatment. Therefore, it is best to avoid contact with your skin and scalp.

It is also preferable not to undergo Brazilian hair Botox treatment if you are pregnant and to consult a doctor when necessary.

Now, For the Results of Brazilian Hair Botox Brazilian hair but I

After the treatment, you will notice your hair getting softer with an anti-humidity effect. These results last for 2 – 4 months, depending on the following:

  • The number of times you wash your hair: daily overwash can reduce the nutrients the treatment gave your hair and decrease natural hair oils.
  • The type of shampoo you use: Shampoos that contain Sulfate can quicken hair nutrients loss. We advise you to use a conditioner to maintain hair moisture for the longest time possible.

Even though Brazilian hair Botox proved efficient in hair revival and brightness through the variety of nutrients it entertains, it is best to consult a doctor for a suitable treatment approach when you have much-damaged hair. Additionally, ensure you check your stylist’s qualifications to avoid any unsatisfactory results.

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