Hair Protein vs Hair Botox

Brazilian Hair Protein VS Brazilian Hair Botox: What is The Difference?

Hairstyling can be a real struggle if you have dry and tangled hair; luckily, several treatments address that issue and many more.

Two of the most prominent hair treatments are Brazilian hair Botox and Brazilian hair Protein; we all heard of them, but can you tell the difference?

What is Brazilian Hair Botox?

We say the word “Botox“, and your mind instantly jumps to the skin and anti-aging treatments, right! However, don’t forget about hair Botox.

Aging has its influence on every part of your body, not just your skin. Your hair, for instance, loses its flexibility as you grow up.

Several hair revival approaches emerged, the most efficient of which is the Brazilian hair Botox that plays a significant role in detangling, growing, and reviving your hair.

Hair Botox does not contain the same substances as skin Botox; it is merely called the same due to the similarity in function, making your hair fibers smoother.

How Does Brazilian Hair Botox Work?

It primarily adopts the deep moisturizing method, targeting thin and broken areas of your hair to give it a brighter appearance.

Many products use Intra-Cylane as the main ingredient, filling in your hair’s gaps with fibers and making it denser and softer. Other products contain different elements, including:

  • Caviar Oil.
  • BONT-L Peptide.
  • Vitamin B5.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Collagen, the functional element in Botox.

When to Use Brazilian Hair Botox:

It is essential to note that this treatment is safe for all hair types. Yet, it is still best to seek professional help.

You can consider Botox if you struggle with damaged and tangled hair, or if your hair is too soft and in need of some volume, density, and brightness, or if you simply want to straighten it.

Time to Take Action:

Now that we took a look into what Brazilian hair Botox is, we should know how to apply it.

Since it is safe and doesn’t involve injections, you can choose to apply it at home or in a beauty salon with professional help; the latter is preferable.

Start by washing your hair thoroughly, then massage the product on your hair, beginning with the roots down to the ends, and leave it for 30 – 90 minutes.

You can go two ways from there depending on your hair type and issue:

  • Some stylists prefer drying and straightening the hair while Botox is still on.
  • Others advocate for washing the hair first, then straightening it.

You can notice the results of Brazilian hair Botox treatment immediately after drying your hair.

How long does it last?

Normally, 2 – 4 months, depending on your hair’s nature and your hair washing habits. It is best if you use a Sulfate-free shampoo as this element can reduce Botox durability.

What is Brazilian Hair Protein?

This treatment is the magical solution for damaged hair; if the environmental factors left an impact on your hair, causing dryness, split ends, and falling, this is the go-to option to restore its brightness and eliminate breakage.

How Does Brazilian Hair Protein Work?

Proteins are essential components in your body’s muscles and tissues and your hair structure; their deficiency can lead to hair weakness and falling. Experts developed methods to restore that shortage, one of which is the Brazilian hair Protein that provides your hair with various proteins, including Keratin.

When to Use Brazilian Hair Protein?

It is best to seek professional help in beauty salons for this treatment. The expert applies the product according to the protein’s and hair type and uses a high-temperature hair iron with a suitable straightening technique, all to make your hair smooth, soft, and shiny.

What are the Benefits of Brazilian Hair Protein?

  • This treatment will turn your hair amazingly soft and straight, making you the center of attention and interest.
  • Your hair will thoroughly detangle due to the outstanding softness the protein gives it.
  • If you use therapeutic hair protein, it will result in new healthy hair growth with stronger roots.

Let’s Get Practical

Brazilian Protein and Botox share the same routine, wash your hair, apply the product, leave it for about an hour, then either wash and dry your hair or dry it with the protein still on.

Note that you must not wet or bend your hair for three days after the treatment. Afterward, you can wash it with a suitable shampoo.

However, beware, as beneficial Brazilian Botox and Protein can be, they can backfire if you misuse or overuse them, as the same substances that strengthen your hair might cause its dryness. Therefore, it is best to seek a specialist’s help for optimal results and lower risks.

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