Brazilian Hair Protein

All You Need to Know About the Brazilian Hair Protein

Even if you couldn’t care less about your appearance, having soft and healthy hair is still a goal. It is not only about being the center-of-attention; it is that satisfying sensation of running your fingers through your hair smoothly. For that, there are many treatments to nourish your hair and give you an attractive look. The most common of which is the Brazilian Protein, Keratin.

Researchers in the aesthetic industry worked hard to find that magical solution for all hair problems with elevated success rates and extraordinary transformation stories, leaving us with the belief that those problems are bound to end soon and for good. Yes, it is the Brazilian Protein, the best hair care product out there up to this moment.

Hold on a minute! Don’t take our word as a given. If you have damaged, curly, and hard-to-style hair, let us walk you through all the benefits, side effects, and the expected results of the Brazilian Protein treatment, and whether you are qualified to have it. Only then can you make up your mind with no hesitation.

What is the Brazilian Hair Protein?

Your hair consists primarily of proteins, Keratin being the essential one of which. It protects your hair by forming layers around both sides of the hair, inside and outside.

However, your hair is repeatedly exposed to damaging factors, including dryness, humidity, sun rays, and chemicals, breaking down the Keratin layers and resulting in hair damage and loss.

That’s why Brazilian Protein treatment is your go-to option since the Keratin will fill in the gaps in your hair structure.

How to Apply the Brazilian Protein Treatment:

First, note that the treatment takes up to three hours, so it is best for you to choose a day off in your schedule.

Keratin treatment involves the following steps:

  • Washing your hair with a suitable shampoo, preferably Keratin shampoo.
  • Drying your hair properly using a blow dryer.
  • Applying the Brazilian Protein on your hair thoroughly.
  • Another round of blow dryer.
  • Finally, straightening your hair with an iron.

Afterward, you will have your soft, bright, and healthy hair in no time and for no less than three months.

I know what you’re thinking; it seems simple, Can I apply the treatment by myself?

Even though this Brazilian Protein is safe, but just like any other treatment, it can carry some risks if you misuse it. For instance, some Brazilian Protein products contain Formaldehyde that can cause skin and eye irritation if you apply it wrong.

For this reason, it is best to let an expert handle the treatment; a visit to a beauty salon can spare you the risk of any side effects.

Make some time; 3 hours off your schedule will give you three months of a healthy and attractive look.

Keratin Treatment Risks:

Formaldehyde side effects outline Brazilian Protein treatment risks. This substance is an allergenic chemical that causes skin irritation; many cases presented pimples on the scalp, face, and neck.

The FDA categorized Formaldehyde as a substance that elevates the risk of some cancers. Doctors warn pregnant women not to use Protein therapy, as Keratin treatment during pregnancy may be associated with certain types of blood cancer among children of less than two years of age.

In a nutshell, it is best to consult a specialist about whether this treatment is suitable for your hair type and if you can dye or make any alterations to your hair afterward. Moreover, it is crucial to consult a doctor before undergoing treatment if you suffer from respiratory issues.

Keratin Treatment Benefits and Results:

First, let’s get things straight; Keratin therapy is entirely different from other hair straightening products. The treatment exceeds the hair’s outer layer and targets the deep hair structure, providing hair straightening features and, more importantly, deep conditioning to every bit of your hair.

As we mentioned earlier, Brazilian Protein, aka, Keratin, can give you healthy, vivid, and smooth hair for several months. Then, it starts fading due to hair growth and other environmental factors.

“My friend went through Keratin therapy; am I going to see similar results?”

Even though Brazilian Protein is suitable for all hair types, the results still significantly differ from one person to another in terms of efficiency and duration.

So, No, You will notice different results from your friend.

Generally, results are expressed in less curl, more brightness, and hair roots nourishment and strength. If you have naturally curly hair, it will get a bit wavy with straight ends, and if you have straight hair, it will turn even straighter.

Basically, people with curly hair will notice more significant results from those with straight hair.

Therefore, the expert stylist plays a great role in choosing the suitable treatment and informing you about the expected outcomes.

As for the cost, it depends on how long and damaged your hair is. Now, you’re ready to get your glam on with the Brazilian Protein treatment, do your research and ask around; don’t just go for the less expensive approach; efficiency and expertise are crucial to avoid any side effects and to get optimal results.

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