What Brazilian Protein does to your hair

What Happens to Your Hair after The Brazilian Protein Treatment?

Just like you need proteins in your diet to keep strong and healthy, your hair needs them to stay soft and resistant to damaging factors. Proteins build up most of your hair structure; any deficiency would lead to breakage.

Primarily, Brazilian hair protein is used to straighten and soften your hair, as well as to limit hair loss. It is best to undergo the treatment in beauty salons with a professional’s help who applies it through different methods, depending on the protein and hair type, using a high-temperature hair iron.

Protein treatments are widely spread; who wouldn’t want smooth, shiny hair?

Benefits of Brazilian Hair Protein

The treatment takes several hours, but you will notice the difference in your hair appearance and structure as soon as you’re done.

Why? What happens to your hair after applying the Brazilian protein?

Here are some of the essential changes and benefits:

Your hair will get stronger

Since your hair is essentially made up of proteins, absorbing the product strengthens and protects the hair’s outer layer.

Allow your hair moisturizer to do its job

Naturally, there are layers of dead cells that keep moisture out of the hair; Brazilian hair protein eliminates these layers, allowing the moisturizer to penetrate deep into the hair and enhancing its results.

Add more volume

The Brazilian protein penetrated deep into your hair threads, forming a thick layer, giving you more volume, strength, and a center-of-attention look.

Let your fingers move freely through your hair

As we mentioned above, Brazilian protein eliminates dead cell layers and forms protein-rich ones that cover your hair, giving it unprecedented softness.

Go wild with your style

Brazilian protein treatment also provides excellent hair flexibility through the protein layers it forms, giving you control over your hair to style it the way you desire.

Keep your hair healthy and thick

Your hair is frequently exposed to damaging factors, whether chemicals, heat, or radiation. Brazilian protein treatment gives your hair adequate thickness and resistance; it also fills in your hair structure gaps, protecting it from breakage.

Be colorful with no worry

Don’t be hesitant about changing your hair color when you feel like it; Brazilian protein eliminates hair dye side effects from hair damage and split ends.

Reduce your hair porosity:

Excessive hair porosity is an unwanted property that causes weakness in your hair structure. How?

These irregular gaps in your hair allow large amounts of chemicals to penetrate through the hair, increasing the side effects.

Brazilian protein treatment fills in those gaps, giving you healthier hair.

Possible Brazilian Protein Side-Effects

As beneficial as this treatment is, do NOT overuse it, and always seek an expert’s help to avoid any risk or misuse.

Generally, no product is side-effect-free; you should choose a suitable product for your hair and consult an expert before starting the treatment.

Some possible side effects of the Brazilian protein include:

  • Applying high temperatures on your hair to fixate the product properly, might result in hair dryness in case of excess temperature or moisturizing negligence.
  • Many types of Brazilian proteins contain chemicals to ease the straightening process, but at the same time, they cause hair weakness and falling. Therefore, it is essential to check the components of what you’re applying to your hair.
  • Some people might develop an allergic reaction to the chemicals present in the products; ensure you consult your doctor before undergoing the treatment if you ever had allergic reactions or a respiratory issue.

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