5 Reasons Why OT Sleeker Plus is The Best Brazilian Hair Protein

Every day, in front of the mirror, most of us struggle with styling our damaged, dry, and unhealthy hair; ever wondered why?

Some hidden factors play a significant, yet gradual, role in hair damage and loss of vibrance, like ultraviolet sun rays, poor nutrition, and humidity.

With time, we fall into a vicious cycle; the hair is damaged, and we need to apply chemicals or use straighteners and blow dryers to style it, which cause more damage, and so on.

Now, what if we tell you about a way to break the cycle and nurture and style your hair as you desire without the risk of later dryness and breakage!

OT Sleeker Plus can offer you outstanding hair revival properties with its unique oil and amino acid-rich combination, making it a pioneer product for healthy and center-of-attention attractive hair.

Best 5 OT Sleeker Plus Properties:

Sleeker Plus is Rich with Essential Oils for Hair Nutrition:

The combination of oils that are present in this product offer what your hair needs; each with a specific function as follows:

Coconut Oil:

In addition to its significant role in hair softening and detangling, this oil protects your hair from heat damage and boosts the scalp’s health. It is an excellent choice for damaged and slow-to-grow hair.

Argan Oil:

It is one of the essential hair care oils as it rejuvenates damaged hair and protects its follicles from heat and ultraviolet rays, in addition to hair breakage treatment.

Olive Oil:

Didn’t your grandmother tell you about it! It is one of the oldest hair care treatments. It has excellent properties in boosting hair growth, especially for curly and damaged hair.

Avocado Oil:

It maintains your hair’s softness and brightness since it contains antioxidants, minerals, biotin, and other essential hair health elements.

Macadamia Oil:

It contains fatty acids that give your hair unprecedented softness and brightness and make it easier to style.

Myrrh Oil:

In addition to providing hair locks deep moisturizing, it protects them from breakage. Moreover, it is one of the best oils for boosting hair growth.

Amla Oil:

It boosts hair growth since it is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It also strengthens hair follicles.

American Palm Oil:

Let’s take a step back; the basis of soft and attractive hair is a healthy scalp. Here is where Palm Oil comes in with excellent scalp health maintenance properties, offering you soft and fair hair.

Calamus Oil:

It plays a significant role in rebuilding damaged hair.

Linseed Oil:

This oil helps maintain hair brightness and softness.

Sunflower Oil:

In addition to its countless health benefits, you can use it to prevent hair fall.

Monoi Oil:

Hydration is essential for hair maintenance. For that, this oil is extracted from Gardenias petals to provide deep hydration for your hair.

Sleeker Plus is Rich with Amino Acids, Vitamins, and Minerals:

As we all know, proteins are essential components of our hair, especially Keratin. However, due to the daily damaging factors mentioned above, the hair gradually loses its proteins.

Since Amino Acids are building blocks for proteins, we need to apply amino acid-rich products to maintain hair health; a property offered by OT Sleeker.

Moreover, this product contains essential vitamins for hair structure, like Vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, giving it softness and strength. It also has minerals like iron that boosts hair health and a plant-derived protein that complements Keratin’s function by attaching to damaged hair.

OT Sleeker Plus Prevents the Yellowish Rusty Color of Dyed Hair:

This product entertains an anti-coloring agent, Amino-Violet, as one of its components, making it a suitable choice when you dye your hair to keep it from turning yellow.

OT Sleeker Plus Follows Tannic Acid Technique:

This product’s properties are not limited to its components; it also stands out by following the Tannic acid method of hair straightening.

What is that, and what makes it so special?

Tannic acid is first extracted from grapes and then used alongside fruit enzymes to soften the hair as it rearranges keratin bonds under the influence of blow dryer’s heat.

The result! You get silky straight hair without the use of Formaldehyde present in traditional hair treatments.

This technique is suitable for you whether you have dyed, damaged, or curly hair.

Having a Healthy Hair Can NOT Get Any Easier with OT Sleeker Plus:

Even though it only takes a few simple steps to apply this product, it is still preferable to ask for professional help in the matter:

  • First, start by washing your hair to remove oils, dandruff, or any residues.
  • Dry your hair a bit with a blow dryer.
  • Divide your hair into four sections, and distribute the product using a brush. Ensure you cover the hair entirely using a comb, and leave a half-centimeter distance from your scalp while applying the product.
  • Leave it for 60 minutes, then wash your hair. If you have dense, strong hair, you can keep about 30% of the product on your hair even after washing. To have extra-soft hair, pass the hair iron along with the lower-density flocks before washing.
  • Finally, use a blow dryer or hair straightener to get your desired perfect look.

This comprehensive collection of hair care products offer your hair both nutrition and treatment through professional aesthetic methods, allowing you to style your hair as you desire and go about your day carefree of all hair problems.

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