5 Expert Recommendations for a Softer Hair

Between the tales of our grandmothers about how healthy oil baths are for our hair and experts’ recommendations of advanced treatments to get that smooth straight hair in no time, there are several things you need to consider about your daily hair care routine.

Here, we provide you with a guide of the essential advice on how to handle your hair on a daily basis properly.

Daily Recommendations for a Softer Hair:

Know Your Hair Type

Before you start with any treatment, you must figure out what type your hair is to avoid any mistakes when purchasing hair products; shampoos, conditioners, serums, or other products that would give you satisfactory results when used correctly.

Remember, your hair loses its natural oils with time, resulting in dryness and thickness even if it was previously oily. Therefore, you should note when your hair starts to dry and use suitable products for that issue.

Proper Washing is Essential

“I wash my hair regularly; I can’t see where I went wrong.”

It is not only about washing your hair, how you wash it, and the number of times you do play a significant role in a proper hair care routine.

  • Even if your hair is oily, daily hair wash results in gradual natural hair oils loss and dry hair; the reason experts advocate otherwise. However, if your hair is naturally dry, cleaning it every three days is adequate.
  • As tempting as hot water sounds, it is actually harmful to your hair. Experts recommend washing your hair with cool water and rinsing it with cold water afterward, if possible, to eliminate residues and maintain moisture.
  • If you have an oily scalp, but dry hair ends, it is better to use the conditioner on the ends only to soften them.
  • Wet hair is weaker than a dry one, so avoid combing your hair while wet; use a towel to dry it properly, then brush it with a wide comb.

Use Oil Baths

No wonder we can’t ignore grandma’s advice! Natural oils have countless benefits in hair nutrition and treatment, the reason why hair products contain one or a combination of these oils depending on your hair type and issues.

Experts advocate for oil treatments, especially if you have dry hair; you should undergo the treatment once a week.

The following are the essential oils for hair softening:

Coconut Oil

If your hair is too dry, this is the go-to option for you as it plays a significant role in hair revival due to its structure that allows it to penetrate the hair as no other oil does.

Argan Oil

It is widely spread among hair care products due to its great hair moisturizing benefits.

Olive Oil

It works as a barrier, enveloping the hair and protecting it from damage. However, it might give your hair an oily appearance.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

We usually include many negative behaviors for our hair daily without us knowing. Let us give you a couple of examples:

Exposing your hair to the iron’s heat daily results in hair damage and breakage. Therefore, it is better to avoid using these tools when not necessary and to set them at the lowest temperature possible when styling your hair. Additionally, you can apply a serum before using hair straighteners to reduce damage risk.

Swimming pools contain Chlorine, which negatively influences your hair structure, so it is better to apply serum and wear a hair cap before going in for a swim.

Your Health Reflects on Your Hair

All the recommendations above would serve you nothing if you did not get adequate nutrition with the essential elements for hair structure.

Here are the most critical elements you should include in your diet:


This is an essential element that you should acquire to get soft hair; you can find it in almonds, nuts, and cashew.

Omega 3

This element boosts your hair follicles and enhances your scalp’s health; you can find it in fish, linseed, and grains.


Proteins are essential elements in hair structure, and their deficiency results in dryness. Ensure you get adequate proteins daily from meats, grains, fish, dairy products, and eggs.

Except for oil treatments that give you instant results that last for several days, the other recommendations need some time, maybe several weeks, to show benefits on hair structure. Our advice for you is to stay patient and stick to healthy habits to get that soft hair you desire.

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